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NH Business Computer Services


RATES - We can work with you on an hourly basis, or, if you prefer, we offer a variety of monthly maintenance plans to fit your needs.

Phone: (603) 748-1784

  • High-Speed Internet Solutions
    • Router Configuration, Network Sharing, Security / Firewall Protection, ISDN / DSL / RoadRunner / T1, Email Solutions
  • Data Management
    • Backup / Storage Solutions, Conversions / Transfers, Recovery

    We take every precaution to protect our clients' data. We start with reliable equipment and then make sure our clients they have a solid data backup/storage procedure in place. We also have years of experience converting and transferring data and guarantee smooth conversions.

  • Networks/Servers
    • Design, Installation, Maintenance, Administration, System Integration, Remote Access Solutions

    We design networks that ensure functionality, performance, and productivity. After installation, we make sure that the network continues to perform at an optimal level. We can also remotely monitor your servers and back up your system.

  • Wireless

    We can get you connected and solve issues with system speed and wireless security.

  • PC and Laptop Performance

    We will do the diagnostics, repairs and maintenance. We can improve the efficiency and the security of your PC or laptop either on or off-site so that there is virtually no down time to your operations.

  • Security
    • Virus Protection / Removal, Spyware Protection / Removal, SPAM Protection, Firewall / Intrusion Protection, Internet Security, VPN Security, Operating System / Software Updates, Wireless Network Security

    We will help protect you against email attacks, identity theft, and malicious hacker programs and explore options with you such as improved virus protection and Firewalls (Sonicwalls, Zywalls) to protect your data.

  • Peripheral Devices
    • monitors / screens, keyboards, mouse, printers, USB devices, etc.
  • Smart Phones, iPads and Other Tablets
    • Apple, Android, Blackberry etc.
  • Commonly Used Apps
    • Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, PDF etc.
  • Additional Services
    • Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair, Hardware Upgrades, Software Installation / Upgrades, Maintenance / Cleanings, Server Hosting, Hosted Exchange Email, Remote Applications, FTP, IPSec, VPN's, POS (Point of Sale Systems)

    We can troubleshoot, repair and maintain all types of hardware and also facilitate software installations, upgrades and migrations for networks of all sizes.

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